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Growing up in the Elizabeth City/Albemarle Area was indeed a great experience! We loved the close-knit community and city/country lifestyle. However, as we individually began to enter middle and high school, questions of what we wanted to do and who we wanted to become were ever pressing questions. We knew we had future dreams and aspirations, but besides our family, friends, and teachers, who would expose us to “more” and tap into the talents that we knew or didn’t know we had inside? Thankfully, we all have met many people along our life journeys who have had major impacts on our lives.  It is our goal to be a tool and guiding force for youth who finds themselves in the position that we were: inspired but needing professional, career, and life-oriented guidance.


So, in 2018 we welcome you to iEMPOWER,Inc., our answer to the question “Who will empower our youth and help them discover the power and talents they possess?”  Our goal is to provide an outlet for youth to discover their inner goals, dreams, and purpose in life. We find joy in serving families in the Elizabeth City/Albemarle area, and we look forward to meeting the needs of the community. We are dedicated to laying the foundation for our youth to succeed in all areas of their lives.


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Elizabeth City, NC 27909  

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